This project exists to provide a semi-trusted source of Minetest Mods. Mods here should be stable (at least in the master branches). All mods should work well together.

How is a Mod added?

The original author of the Mod should be the one submitting it to the minetest-mods project. Under circumstances (abandoned, author not responsive etc.) we will consider forks. To submit your project to be added and become the maintainer of a project, submit a new github issue.

In your request, please provide the following information:

By submitting a project, you acknowledge that you agree to the rules in the manifest

Click here: Open Request

After opening a request ticket, you will be asked to initiate a “Transfer” request to move your mod. If you want to fork your moved repository back, you are obviously free to do so. You will be granted admin access on the moved repository. More information on the “Transfer” procedure can be found here: Transfer Information

We also send all mod owners a “become a member of minetest-mods” invitation. This invitation does not need to be accepted, and is merely for you (and us) to show who is participating in the minetest-mods organization. You do not require the invite. If you missed it, and would still like to become a listed member, please request another invitation.

Can any Minetest mod be added?

What’s in it for users?

What’s in it for developers?

Got any more questions?

Read our full manifest.

Alternatively, read the informal forum announcement post, and leave feedback or join the discussion.